The Keyholding Company is the leading provider of professional keyholding and alarm response services for commercial properties.

Our trained and licensed security personnel are on call to respond to your emergencies.

By listing the Keyholding Company as your primary keyholders:

  • You protect yourselves, your staff and business from Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 (CMA) makes management accountable for failings across an organisation, meaning that those who disregard the safety of others at work are more vulnerable to serious criminal charges. unnecessary risks and inconvenience day and night.
  • You exercise and demonstrate a An ever-changing set of Health & Safety Regulations cover lone workers, all of which we handle for you.duty of care to your staff.
  • You know that professional response specialists are dealing with potentially serious situations on your behalf.

We respond so you, or your employees, never have to.


By safeguarding a set of your keys, we are on-call for any emergency response services that you require, 24 hours a day. Keys are stored, unmarked, at your local keyholding Service Centre or mobile unit, in accordance with regulatory standards.

We are BS 7984 certified..

National Alarm Response

As your nominated professional keyholders for your intruder, fire or CCTV systems, upon notification of an activation, we will dispatch a licensed Security Officer to attend.

Upon arrival, they execute a thorough external and internal check of the premises and then investigate the cause of the activation. If required, we liaise with the necessary security companies to reset your systems and leave the property secure.

In the event of a serious incident, such as burglary, fire or flood, we will remain on-site and manage the situation as required (e.g. liaise with the emergency services, boarding, glazing and locksmith companies) and only leave the property once it is re-secured or upon your instruction.

Mobile patrols

We provide mobile patrols tailor-made to suit your requirements which when combined with our professional keyholding service, are a cost-effective alternative to traditional static guarding, which can be prohibitively expensive. Each patrol contract is designed to suit the site, from external patrols at random times to thorough internal patrols at set times to ensure a visible deterrent exists to any would-be troublemakers or opportunists in the area.

We’re there for you

We attend at agreed times to unlock or lock-up your premises. Our highly trained Security Officers execute these services to ensure your property is fully secured and therefore there is no risk to your staff having to lock up alone, or hold keys and codes.

Someone locked out?

We provide access on an ad-hoc basis for a multitude of tasks; to provide access for contractors outside of working hours, meet deliveries or escort vulnerable lone-workers offsite.

Emergency contractors

In the event of an emergency, we can supply a selection of pre-vetted tradesmen, such as glaziers, boarding specialists and locksmiths. Our contractor helpdesk will manage them on your behalf.

Lone Worker Risk

We can tailor-make a response service to protect your staff who are operating as lone workers.

Temporary guarding

Short term static guarding can be provided to protect your premises during periods of high risk.

Empty premises inspections

We can provide comprehensive inspections and reports for empty premises.

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