Green Mission Statement

The Keyholding Company we regard environmental regulations, laws, and codes of practice as absolute minimum standards, as reflected in our Environmental_Policy.  We are proud to be recognised by the British Standards auditing body as industry leading in sustainable practice, and we are passionately committed to adopting a position of responsibility towards the local, regional and global environments. We are members of the Global Action Plan an Alliance CO2, ISO14001 accredited,  and have achieved our target of zero waste to landfill, part of our five-year plan to lead the way to a more sustainable industry.

  • We utilise a paperless job management system and closed loop recycling practices throughout the company.
  • We strictly follow the ‘Three R’s’; Reducing, Reusing and Recycling, whilst working alongside initiatives to donate waste to raise resources for charitable causes.
  • We record all vehicle emissions and regularly re-asses the make-up of our fleet, Motorvateworking with the Energy Saving Trust to contribute to the government programme for sustainable businesses and research in to alternative fuel and modes of transport for greener fleets.
  • Our fleet now includes Hybrid vehicles, which drastically cuts our emissions.
  • We have dedicated resources committed to on-going investigation in to alternative processes, for an ever more efficient and sustainable service.

The Keyholding Company Workforce

The Keyholding Company is also passionately committed to the personal development and growth of our workforce. We support employees and encourage them to discuss their goals in one-on-one development talks, and with our dedicated Mentors who volunteer for the KHC Buddy Scheme.  Our commitment to employee growth includes supporting entrepreneurial projects and giving back to employees who volunteer their time to environmental or charitable work.

You can find out more about KHC Sustainability on the projects page of our website. You can also email our Environmental Manager –

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