20th September 2016

The Keyholding Company launches the Safer Support Team to prevent Smash and Grabs in London

charlieAs the nights draw in violent crimes, in particular robberies and smash and grabs, rise in the Bond Street area. Luxury Fashion and Jewellery retailers are on their guard.

Today marks the official launch of a pilot we have been trialling over the Summer to tackle this problem. The Safer Support Team is a proactive patrol team and intelligence network, dedicated to helping prevent violent crimes on Bond Street and the surrounding area. The program is funded, resourced and run by The Keyholding Company as a contribution to the community. Results are already looking positive. During the pilot, the Metropolitan Police Service, were able to identify and track would-be offenders, thanks to intelligence from this initiative.

To mark the launch, The Keyholding Company held an event in Mayfair for local businesses, security companies, and the Metropolitan Police Service to learn a little more about the program and review the crime response technology powering the whole system.

Presentations were made by Keyholding CEO Charlie Gordon Lennox and Assaf Shafran, the creator of the software which sits on the Verint Platform. Plus news of the launch reached the Evening Standard. Justin Davenport, the ES’s crime editor, was so impressed by our work last year to raise awareness of smash and grab crime that he agreed to release the following story on the day of launch.








6th June 2016

The Keyholding Company wins “Officer of Distinction” at the ACS Pacesetters Award Ceremony


Dawid Piaskoski accepting the award from Vernon Rapley, Security Director of the V & A Museum

In August 2015 The Keyholding Company responded to an alarm call in Central London. As they arrived on the scene they found the fire alarm had been triggered. Intruders had smashed their way through the windows and forced open the door. The tenants upstairs were shouting for help. More intruders were moving in.

Fearless, our security officers, Michael Gilgallon and Dawid Piaskoski removed one intruder after another until their numbers overwhelmed them and they had to move back to safety. The situation quickly escalated. The team kept a close eye on the situation and shared their intel with Police before they could get there themselves. As Police arrived they were confronted with a riot. Fires had been set, cars were being damaged, projectiles were flying. Police had to cordon off surrounding streets to regain control.

Our security officers were steadfast in their protection of that building and its occupants, despite taking blows from projectiles and in the face of intimidation from the crowd. They worked tirelessly for 8 hours to secure the site. Ultimately, they helped Police identify key aggressors who were arrested and detained.

We are extremely proud of all our operatives, and we are often humbled by their bravery. The ACS Pacesetters Awards is a chance for our clients to nominate an officer they believe to have gone above and beyond the call of duty. We wanted to add our congratulations to the team on a job very well done and on their “Security Officers of Distinction” award.


20th November 2015

The Keyholding Company improves ACS Score

Following our recent audit from the Security Industry Authority, The Keyholding Company has been awarded our latest ACS score of +166 out a possible +174 as part of our membership of the Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS).  This score represents an increase of 16 points from last year’s result and places The Keyholding Company within the top 2% of ACS-accredited security companies in the UK.

The objective of the SIA’s Approved Contractor Scheme is to raise performance standards and to assist the private security industry in developing new opportunities. The scheme is voluntary and was developed in consultation with representatives from across the industry. It offers companies the chance to attain a maximum score of +174, with only 5% scoring above +150.

The Keyholding Company also retained our ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 accreditations, further demonstrating our commitment to best practice in the areas of Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety Management.

15th October 2015

Stop smash andThe Keyholding Company plays seminal role in organising PaS event Stop Smash and Grabs

On Tuesday 20 October, a Police and Security Group Initiative (PaS) – between the Metropolitan Police Service, The Keyholding Company, Safer London, the New West End Company, Canary Wharf Group and retailers – will host the ‘Stop Smash and Grabs’ event in London.

The Keyholding Company is proud to have played a key role in creating the concept for the events in collaboration with the other committee members and to have organised and raised sponsorship.  We are grateful to Canary Wharf Group who are generously hosting the event in their East Wintergarden venue.

The event aims to prevent smash and grab crime through increased sector and Police collaboration, intelligence sharing, and highlighting best practice to prevent and defend against raids.

A number of high-profile speakers will address attendees – including Metropolitan Police Commander Simon Letchford, and Brett Lovegrove, former Head of Counter Terrorism, City of London Police – sharing advice and proven techniques for reducing the threat of attack, protecting staff members and ensuring a safe environment for shoppers.

The event culminates in a reconstruction of a ‘smash and grab’ raid, featuring a professional stunt team showcasing the gritty reality, and often fast and violent nature of these crimes.

The start of 2015 saw a spike in smash and grab offences, with 19 raids and £1 million worth of goods having been recorded as stolen so far this year*.  Although the total number of raids has fallen slightly, the attacks are becoming increasingly violent in nature Firearms and weapons such as axes, sledgehammers, machetes and claw hammers are commonly used, posing a heightened threat to both retail staff and members of the public.

Charlie Gordon Lennox, Chief Executive of The Keyholding Company – PaS member, and principle organiser –commented:

 “The rise in violent ‘smash and grab’ raids is a worry for store owners, staff members, and shoppers alike. ’Stop Smash and Grabs’ is an innovative and exciting, industry-led initiative designed to make our streets safer and more secure for everyone’s benefit.

 “Through this event, and the wider work of the PaS, we are ensuring greater collaboration and intelligence sharing with the Metropolitan Police Service.  Together we can provide a smarter, more effective security service, create a safer London for everyone, and help to remove the scourge of smash and grabs from London’s streets.”

 Simon Letchford, Commander at the Metropolitan Police commented:

“We are committed to further improving the way we work with the private security industry and to build upon this success effective partnership working is key.”

Brett Lovegrove, Chief Executive of City Security and Resilience Networks, added:

 “The Stop Smash and Grab event is a great opportunity to raise awareness of a key security challenge for UK businesses. The event will provide a platform for communication and deeper understanding amongst stakeholders, helping to share best practice and reduce the number of these terrifying incidents.”

* Source: SaferGems (www.safergems.org.uk)

12th October 2015


FinalistLogo2015 (2)

The Keyholding Company (KHC) is delighted to have been chosen as a Finalist at the Security & Fire Excellence Awards 2015 in the category Security Partnering Initiative of the Year.  For details of the event go to http://www.securityandfireawards.com/finalist-2015/

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