The protection of your home and property is our primary concern.

The Keyholding Company provides comprehensive response services to your intruder, fire, and panic alarms ensuring peace of mind, 24 hours a day.

Our well trained, vetted, and licensed security personnel are on call to protect you, your family, and property from any unnecessary risk or inconvenience.

By using our security services:

  • You protect yourselves, your family and home from unnecessary risks and inconvenience
  • You alleviate concerns when leaving your home unattended
  • You have a reliable alternative for the provision of access to your home
  • You are safe in the knowledge, when you are away, that a professional response specialist is dealing with potentially serious situations on your behalf

Looking after your keys

By safeguarding a set of your keys, we are on-call for any emergency response services that you require, 24 hours a day. Keys are stored, unmarked, at your local keyholding Service Centre or mobile unit, in accordance with regulatory standards.

We are certified to the BS7984 standard.

Alarm Response

As your nominated professional keyholder for your intruder, fire or CCTV systems, upon notification of an activation, we will dispatch a licensed Security Officer to attend. Upon arrival at site, they execute a thorough external and internal check of your home and then investigate the cause of the activation. If required, we liaise with the necessary security companies to reset your systems and leave your home secure. In the event of a serious incident, such as burglary, fire or flood, we will remain on-site and manage the situation as required (e.g. liaise with the emergency services, boarding, glazing and locksmith companies) and only leave your property once it is re-secured, or upon your instruction.

Ever locked yourself out?

If you lose your keys or lock yourself out, we can let you back in at any time of the day or night.


When you are away or your property has been left vacant, the Keyholding Company can undertake regular HouseChecks at the property.

By executing thorough internal and external patrols, at random times, we can ensure all is secure.

We can also include tasks such as clearing post from view, checking the heating system and electricity are functional, and checking for visible signs of any water damage or leaks.

Miscellaneous access

We can provide access on an ad-hoc basis for a multitude of tasks, such as providing access for friends, family or contractors, when you are away from home.

Emergency contractors

In the event of an emergency, we can supply a selection of pre-vetted tradesmen, such as glaziers, boarding specialists and locksmiths.

Our communications team, on call 24/7, will manage them on your behalf.


We can liaise with delivery companies and meet them at your home to provide pre-authorised access and in London we can accept small deliveries at our offices on your behalf.

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