Short-Term Security Guards

Clients of The Keyholding Company can benefit from our network of experienced, SIA-licensed security guards. We specialize in short-term and emergency guards who can be sourced at short notice, rather than full time placements.

Do you need a guard?

  • Do you have enough staff to monitor the door as well as the cashier’s desk?
  • Does your insurance policy have a minimum personnel requirement? Will you meet that consistently over the holidays?
  • Will you be worrying about your empty premises while staff are away?

Short-term static guards are available nationwide and sourced from our carefully-vetted partner network. Access to the property can be arranged by us or with the guard directly. Our minimum charge is for an 8 hour shift and rates double over bank holidays. We can provide specialist units, like dog handlers or body guards, as well as door supervisors.

Ask us for a quote or call 0370 770 6886 for more information.